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Organic synthesizers from AAPPTec can multiply chemists’ productivity by 10, 20, or even 30 fold.  In the time required to synthesize 5 to 10 compounds using conventional techniques, chemists can prepare 96 compounds, even up to 384 discrete compounds utilizing AAPPTec Organic Synthesizers.  Chemists can quickly optimize solvents, reagents, reaction temperatures and concentrations to maximize product yield and purity.  From preparing compound libraries for drug screening to research into novel reactions and new synthetic processes, AAPPTec organic synthesizers increase efficiency and improve the chances for success.

Flexible Instruments

AAPPTec organic synthesizers are specially designed with the flexibility to accommodate the wide range of conditions called for in modern organic synthesis.  Capable of inert atmospheres and temperatures from  –78 ºC to 150 ºC, AAPPTec organic synthesizers can perform most synthetic reactions currently utilized in modern synthetic organic chemistry.



The Vantage automated parallel solid phase organic synthesizer is specially designed for efficient high throughput solid phase organic synthesis.  The Vantage parallel organic synthesizer can cool to –78 °C and heat to 150 °C with less than 1.5 °C variation between reactors.  The Vantage can prepare up to 96 separate products on a 0.05 to 0.1 mmol scale in one run.

The Solution

The Solution organic synthesizer is capable of both solid phase and solution phase synthesis.  The Solution organic synthesizer can automatically perform most solution-phase protocols performed in round bottom flasks.  The Solution can even automatically perform parallel liquid-liquid extractions.  With an optional solid phase reactor assembly, the Solution can also perform solid phase reactions on resins. 
Matrix 386

Matrix 384

The Matrix 384 solid phase organic synthesizer is the ideal instrument for high throughput production of compound libraries.  Capable of producing up to 384 separate products at a time, the Matrix 384 multiple synthesizer greatly accelerates library production.
Lab Mate

Lab Mate

The Lab Mate is a versatile, semi-automated personal synthesizer capable of both solution and solid phase synthesis.