Fmoc-Ser(tBu)-OH [71989-33-8] HEADING_TITLE


Other Names: Fmoc-L-Ser(tBu)-OH; N-Fmoc-O-t-butyl-L-serine

Catalog # AFS105 CAS 71989-33-8
Formula C22H25NO5 M.W. 383.4









Fmoc-Ser(tBu)-OH is the Fmoc-Ser most often utilized in peptide synthesis with Fmoc-amino acids.  The t-butyl group protecting the side chain is removed under the same acid conditions that cleave the peptide from Wang resin or Rink amide resin.  Serine residues modified with sugars or phosphate groups play important biological roles.  AAPPTec offers Fmoc-phosphoserine derivatives and Fmoc-glycoserine derivatives sutiable for peptide synthesis.

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AFS110 Fmoc-Ser(Bzl)-OH ABS120 Boc-Ser(Me)-OH DCHA
AFS107 Fmoc-Ser(Et)-OH ABS125 Boc-Ser(tBu)-OH
AFS106 Fmoc-Ser(Trt)-OH ABS225 Boc-D-Ser(tBu)-OH
AFS101 Fmoc-Ser-OH ABS126 Boc-Ser(tBu)-OH DCHA
AFS201 Fmoc-D-Ser-OH ABS130 Boc-Ser(Tos)-OMe
AFS207 Fmoc-D-Ser-OMe ABS101 Boc-Ser-OH
AFS103 Fmoc-Ser-OPac ABS201 Boc-D-Ser-OH
AFS111 Fmoc-Ser(HPO3Bzl)-OH ABS115 Boc-Ser-OBzl
AFS121 Fmoc-Ser[beta-Glc(OAc)4]-OH ABS105 Boc-Ser-OMe
AFS122 Fmoc-Ser[beta-Lact(OAc)7]-OH ABS205 Boc-D-Ser-OMe
UFS110 Fmoc-HSer(Trt)-OH UBS111 Boc-HSer(Bzl)-OH
UFS122 Fmoc-beta-HSer(tBu)-OH UBS101 Boc-HSer-OH
UFS222 Fmoc-D-beta-HSer(tBu)-OH UBS112 Boc-beta-HSer(Bzl)-OH
UFS112 Fmoc-beta-HSer(Bzl)-OH UBS212 Boc-D-beta-HSer(Bzl)-OH
AFT105 Fmoc-Thr(tBu)-OH DBS105 Boc-Serinol(Bzl)
AFT192 Fmoc-Thr(tBu)-OPfp DBS205 Boc-D-Serinol(Bzl)
AFT101 Fmoc-Thr-OH ABT110 Boc-Thr(Bzl)-OH
AFT205 Fmoc-D-Thr(tBu)-OH ABT101 Boc-Thr-OH
AFT201 Fmoc-D-Thr-OH H2O ABT210 Boc-D-Thr(Bzl)-OH
ABT201 Boc-D-Thr-OH