Fmoc-Met-OH [71989-28-1] HEADING_TITLE


Other Names: Fmoc-L-Met-OH

Catalog # AFM101 CAS 71989-28-1
Formula C20H21NO4S M.W. 371.4









Fmoc-Met-OH can be used in solid phase peptide synthesis without additional modification.  The sidechain may undergo oxidation during synthesis.  The methionine sulfoxide can be readily reduced to methione after cleavage from the resin (Technical Bulletin 1153).  In may cases, the methionine residue can replaced with norleucine and the resulting peptide retains the desired activity but is not suceptible to oxidation. 

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AFM191 Fmoc-Met-OPfp UBM101 Boc-beta-HMet-OH
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MFM101 Fmoc-MeMet-OH AZM101 Z-Met-OH
UFM101 Fmoc-beta-HMet-OH AZM201 Z-D-Met-OH
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