Fmoc-Gly-OH [29022-11-5] HEADING_TITLE


Catalog # AFG101 CAS 29022-11-5
Formula C17H15NO4 M.W. 297.3










Fmoc-Gly-OH is the simplest Fmoc-amino acid, having no side chains and no chiral center.  Because it is not chiral, Fmoc-Gly-OH is prefered at the C-terminal of peptide fragments to be coupled  in fragment condesation synthesis.  Linkers of various lengths can be formed by coupling glycine residues together.  Glycine residues have only weak alpha helix and beta sheet forming properties, but with proline are strong turn inducers.

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UFA005 Fmoc-4-Abu-OH ABG103 Boc-Gly-OSu
UFX101 Fmoc-6-Ahx-OH ABA115 Boc-beta-Ala-OH
UFG051 Fmoc-Sar-OH UBV005 Boc-5-Ava-OH
DFG001 Fmoc-Glycinol UBX101 Boc-6-Ahx-OH
AZG101 Z-Gly-OH UBG051 Boc-Sar-OH
AZG002 Z-Gly-NH2 DBG001 Boc-Glycinol
AZG103 Z-Gly-OSu UZG051 Z-Sar-OH