Fmoc-Arg(Pbf)-OH [154445-77-9] HEADING_TITLE


Other Names: Fmoc-L-Arg(Pbf)-OH; Nα-Fmoc-Ng-Pbf-L-arginine

Catalog #: AFR105 CAS 154445-77-9
Formula C34H40N4O7S M.W. 648.7






Fmoc-Arg(Pbf)-OH has been introduced to reduce the alkylation of tryptophan-containing peptides during final deprotection. The Pbf group of Fmoc-Arg(Pbf)-OH can be cleaved under moderate acid conditions and there is significantly less tryptophan alkylation, especially in the absence of scavengers. One example reported in the literature showed a 3 hour cleavage and deprotection treatment with TFA resulted 46% of the desired peptide when Fmoc-Arg(Pmc) was used versus 69% when Fmoc-Arg(Pbf) was used (C.G. Fields, G.B. Fields Tetrahedron Lett. 1993, 34, 6661-6664.)

Relative deprotection rates of common arginine side chain protection:


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AFR115 Fmoc-Arg(Mts)-OH ABR107 Boc-Arg(Mts)-OH CHA
AFR120 Fmoc-Arg(Tos)-OH ABR103 Boc-Arg(NO2)-OH
AFR103 Fmoc-Arg(NO2)-OH ABR110 Boc-Arg(Tos)-OH
AFR101 Fmoc-Arg-OH ABR101 Boc-Arg-OH HCl H2O
AFR205 Fmoc-D-Arg(Pbf)-OH ABR210 Boc-D-Arg(Tos)-OH
AFR191 Fmoc-Arg(Pbf)-OPfp ABR201 Boc-D-Arg-OH HCl H20
AFR125 Fmoc-Arg(Me)2-OH (sym) UBR122 Boc-HArg(NO2)-OH
AFR127 Fmoc-Arg(Me)2-OH (asym) UBR113 Boc-beta-HArg(Tos)-OH
UFR102 Fmoc-HArg-OH AZR101 Z-Arg-OH
UFR132 Fmoc-HArg(Pbf)-OH AZR102 Z-Arg-OH HCl
UFR133 Fmoc-beta-HArg(Pbf)-OH AZR110 Z-Arg(Mtr)-OH CHA
UFR101 Fmoc-Cit-OH AZR105 Z-Arg(Pbf)-OH
UFR201 Fmoc-D-Cit-OH AZR106 Z-Arg(Z)2-OH
AZR103 Z-Arg(NO2)-OH AZR201 Z-D-Arg-OH
AZR202 Z-D-Arg-OH HCl AZR210 Z-D-Arg(Mtr)-OH CHA
AZR205 Z-D-Arg(Pbf)-OH