Boc-D-Ser(Bzl)-OH [47173-80-8] HEADING_TITLE


Catalog #: ABS210 CAS #: 47173-80-8
Formula: C15H21NO5 M.W.: 295.3









Boc-D-Ser(Bzl)-OH is the D-serine derivative commonly utilized in Boc SPPS.  The benzyl protecting group is removed with HF or TFMSA during cleavage of the peptide from the resin.

Products Similar to Boc-D-Ser(Bzl)-OH

Cat. # Product Cat. # Product
ABS110 Boc-Ser(Bzl)-OH AFS105 Fmoc-Ser(tBu)-OH
ABS120 Boc-Ser(Me)-OH DCHA AFS205 Fmoc-D-Ser(tBu)-OH
ABS125 Boc-Ser(tBu)-OH AFS190 Fmoc-Ser(tBu)-OPfp
ABS225 Boc-D-Ser(tBu)-OH AFS110 Fmoc-Ser(Bzl)-OH
ABS126 Boc-Ser(tBu)-OH DCHA AFS107 Fmoc-Ser(Et)-OH
ABS130 Boc-Ser(Tos)-OMe AFS106 Fmoc-Ser(Trt)-OH
ABS101 Boc-Ser-OH AFS101 Fmoc-Ser-OH
ABS201 Boc-D-Ser-OH AFS201 Fmoc-D-Ser-OH
ABS115 Boc-Ser-OBzl AFS207 Fmoc-D-Ser-OMe
ABS105 Boc-Ser-OMe AFS103 Fmoc-Ser-OPac
ABS205 Boc-D-Ser-OMe AFS111 Fmoc-Ser(HPO3Bzl)-OH
UBS111 Boc-HSer(Bzl)-OH AFS121 Fmoc-Ser[beta-Glc(OAc)4]-OH
UBS101 Boc-HSer-OH AFS122 Fmoc-Ser[beta-Lact(OAc)7]-OH
UBS112 Boc-beta-HSer(Bzl)-OH UFS110 Fmoc-HSer(Trt)-OH
UBS212 Boc-D-beta-HSer(Bzl)-OH UFS122 Fmoc-beta-HSer(tBu)-OH
DBS105 Boc-Serinol(Bzl) UFS222 Fmoc-D-beta-HSer(tBu)-OH
DBS205 Boc-D-Serinol(Bzl) UFS112 Fmoc-beta-HSer(Bzl)-OH
ABT110 Boc-Thr(Bzl)-OH AFT105 Fmoc-Thr(tBu)-OH
ABT101 Boc-Thr-OH AFT192 Fmoc-Thr(tBu)-OPfp
ABT210 Boc-D-Thr(Bzl)-OH AFT101 Fmoc-Thr-OH
ABT201 Boc-D-Thr-OH AFT205 Fmoc-D-Thr(tBu)-OH
AFT201 Fmoc-D-Thr-OH H2O