Boc-D-Met-OH [5241-66-7] HEADING_TITLE


Catalog #: ABM201 CAS #: 5241-66-7
Formula: C10H19NO4S M.W.: 249.3






Boc-D-Met-OH is the methionine derivative commonly utilized in Boc SPPS.  Boc-D-Met-OH has a low melting point and may form an oil.  The oil can be converted back to a solid by stirring the oil in dry hexane at 0 °C.

Products Similar to Boc-D-Met-OH

Cat. # Product Cat. # Product
ABM101 Boc-Met-OH AFM101 Fmoc-Met-OH
ABM105 Boc-Met(O)-OH AFM103 Fmoc-Met(O)-OH
UBM101 Boc-beta-HMet-OH AFM104 Fmoc-Met(O2)-OH
DBM101 Boc-Methioninol AFM201 Fmoc-D-Met-OH
AZM101 Z-Met-OH AFM191 Fmoc-Met-OPfp
AZM201 Z-D-Met-OH AFM291 Fmoc-D-Met-OPfp
    MFM101 Fmoc-MeMet-OH
    UFM101 Fmoc-beta-HMet-OH
    UFL102 Fmoc-Nle-OH
    UFL202 Fmoc-D-Nle-OH
    UFL112 Fmoc-beta-HNle-OH