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Eclipse Fast and Smart Peptide Synthesizer
Eclipse is AAPPTec's new fast and smart peptide synthesizer.  Researchers ...
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Fmoc-Thr(tBu)-Thr(psiMe,Me pro)-OH
AAPPTec has added the pseudoproline dipeptide Fmoc-Thr(tBu)-Thr(psiMe,Me pro)-OH to its cata...
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COMU is a high efficiency coupling reagent.  The superior reactivity of COMU can be observed by comparing the yields ...
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New Chemical Catalog
AAPPTec has released its new print Chemcal Catalog. Send an e-mail to and...
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Fmoc-Thr(tBu)-Ser(psi[Me,Me]pro)-OH is available from AAPPTec.  For prices sign in and...
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AA Peptides, doing business as AAPPTec LLC, located in Louisville, KY, US...

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6309 Shepherdsville Road, Louisville, KY 40228
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What resin choice should I use for my peptide?
These charts will help you select the appropriate resin for your peptide synthes...

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Automated Peptide Synthesizers

We pride ourselves on our ability to create innovative quality Peptide Synthesizers designed to fit any need or budget.  Our automated peptide synthesizers are designed for use in research and multi scale production.  We offer a wide range of instruments.

  • The Eclipse Fast and Smart Peptide synthesizer is AAPPTec's newest easy-to-use instrument.  Researchers only need to enter 1) the name and sequence of the peptide, 2) the amount of resin, and 3) the resin substitution. to strat synthesizing high quality crude peptides.
  • The Infinity 2400™ Microwave Peptide Synthesizer utilizes microwave heating to accelerate slow couplings due to aggregation or steric hindrance and ambient temperature during rapid couplings. The Infinity 2400™ can microwave up to 6 reaction vessels at one time. 
  • The Apex series peptide instruments can synthesize a single peptide or up to 96 different peptides simultaneously at the scale of 10mg to 1gram.  AAPPTec will soon unveil a new Apex model that produces peptide libraries in 96 well titer plates.
  • The Focus peptide synthesizer series is our most versatile line as it can be used in both small and large scale peptide synthesis and can synthesize a single peptide or up to 6 different peptides simultaneously.
  • The Model 400 series of peptide instruments utilizes state of the art technology to synthesize peptides on a multi kilogram scale with up to 250 Liter Reactors. 
  • Peptide synthesizers in the Titan series are specially designed for preparing split-mix combinatorial peptide libraries.
  • The Matrix series of peptide instruments is designed for high throuput production of peptide libraries. 
Amino Acids, Resins and Reagents

We provide the highest quality Fmoc-amino acids, Boc-amino acids, unusual amino acids, coupling reagents and resins for peptide synthesis at competitive prices.  All of our protected and unprotected amino acids, substituted and unsubstituted resins, and reagents undergo rigorous quality control testing to ensure that our customers receive the finest chemicals.  AAPPTec amino acid products are typically greater than 99% pure chemically are 99.5+% enatomeically pure.  Go to AAPPTec's on-line chemical catalog.

Custom Peptide Synthesis

AAPPTec provides custom peptide synthesis for research and industry globally, from research to cGMP and bulk production. Our knowledgeable chemists, who have over 60 years combined experience in preparing high quality custom peptides, utilize the latest methodologies to produce high purity peptides rapidly and efficiently. With our many years of experience, we guarantee we can provide custom peptide synthesis at low cost with quick delivery and can produce the most difficult custom peptides.  Go to Custom Peptide Synthesis

Biologically Active Peptides and Substrates

We provide thousands of biologically active peptides and substrates for the research community.  We also provide numerous API and Cosmetic peptides.  In addition we provide custom production of cGMP peptides at our facility.

Go to the on-line Peptide Catalog

HPLC Columns

Our latest product line is our Spirit Analytical HPLC columns and preparative HPLC columns for peptide, protein and small-molecule analysis and purification. 

We offer three types of Spirit HPLC columns:

Laboratory Equipment

AAPPTec is your one source for peptide production equipment.  We provide high quality laboratory equipment to further assist your laboratory in their research.

Our products include:

Peptide Synthesis - Libraries

AAPPTec custom peptide synthesis services can provide custom peptide libraries for drug discovery, high-throughput screening and SAR studies, including alanine scans and truncation sets. Peptide libraries are provided in 96-well plates with approximately 2 µmol of lyophilized peptide in each well.

AAPPTec utilizes optimized protocols and chemistries in custom peptide synthesis to ensure consistent purity, quantity and quality, library-to-library and within each library.

Custom peptide library modifications include D-amino acids, unusual amino acids, biotin or fluorescent labeling, N-acylation or C-terminal amide.

Provide AAPPTec with the peptide sequences and we will prepare a quotation for your library. Custom peptide synthesis of peptide libraries typically is completed in 2-3 weeks. Typical delivery consists of lyophilized peptides in 96-well titer plates, peptide location table, and MS and HPLC data.

Parallel library  
Custom Antibodies

AAPPTec now offers custom polyclonal antibodies and custom monoclonal antibodies.  Our services include preparing the antigen, growing the antibodies, purifying the antibodes by afinity column, and labeling.  AAPPTec offers several polyclonal antibody production packages and monoclonal antibody production packages to fill your custom antibody requirements.